Saturday, December 29, 2007

McCain's Musharraf Problem

John McCain, so-called maverick of the Republican Party, supports Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and thinks he deserves "the benefit of the doubt."

Mr. McCain, speaking in New Hampshire, also sought to convey leader-to-leader chemistry when he called Mr. Musharraf a “personally scrupulously honest” man who deserved “the benefit of the doubt” on uniting Pakistan.

I like McCain, but what fucking planet is this guy on? Has he done any homework how the Pakistan government spends the money the U.S. gives to its military? Don't personal scruples include, not manipulating the Constitution of his country to maintain political power? If McCain says we should play ball with the powers that be in Pakistan (a position I understand) regardless of what their personal scruples might be, then so be it. That is a rational, and truthful reading of the situtation as it currently exists. But Musharraf and his government have been squandering the funds provided by the U.S. government. ... More to come ...

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