Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why is Scott McClellan's Book News?

That question, asked and answered at Nukes & Spooks.

But the responses to McClellan from the Bush administration and media bigwigs, history-bending as they are, compel us to jump in. As we like to say around here, it's truth to power time, not just for the politicians but also for some folks in our own business.
The stellar performance of McClatchy journalists is undeniable, and they deserve our thanks for reporting, and asking the tough questions, while the major networks and the so-called liberal media were sucking their collective thumbs.

When McClellan pledges all income from this endeavor to the victims of his boss's war crimes I should be quite happy to entertain the notion we "need" men like him. Men with a front row seat, as it were, to tell us what happened. I know what happened! We were lied into a misbegotten war for no good reason. And now, more than 4000 dead Americans, score of thousands of dead Iraqis cry out from the grave for justice. McClellan was the willing mouthpiece of an administration filled with war criminals. We might spare him the gallows for his treachery, but his puppetmasters deserve no such leniency.

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