Monday, September 15, 2008

He's Slowly Winning Me Back

Colin Powell:

Powell said he wants to watch the debates, look at the party platforms, and focus on substance. "We've got to get off this lipstick on a pig stuff," he said to loud applause.

When one of the moderators asked Powell whether this vote was personal to him since he was the first African-American Secretary of State, his answer sparked wild applause. "I'm an American first and foremost," he said.

Powell explained to the audience that he told McCain he would not vote for him just because they have been friends for 25 years, and he told Obama he would not vote for him just because he is black. He said he will look at who has the best economic policies, who inspires the most confidence in the country and around the world, and who will keep America safe.

After his crash and burn in front of the UN Security Council as he attempted to persuade the world that Iraq was a Clear and Present Danger I no longer trusted Powell's judgment. I was disappointed that this Great Man had allowed himself to be used by the War Criminals in the White House.

With thoughtful words like those he once again seems to have moved away from those awful days in the Bush Administration.

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