Friday, October 3, 2008

Best Debate Reaction Tonight

Jill Miller Zimon:

Let me posit this: In a VP debate, but maybe especially this one? That’s not the real question - because Biden and Palin are not running against each other. They’re trying to get their head of the ticket elected.

Given that, Biden did an excellent job working to get Obama support: he showed that Obama made a good decision in choosing Biden. That support Obama as a good decision-maker.

As for Palin, she met the basement level expectations set by her own party and ticket that’s treated her with nothing but sexism since they anointed her. And that, people like Pat Buchanan and Kit Bond, are calling a slamdunk against Biden.

‘Cept they got that wrong - she isn’t up against Biden. She needs to show that McCain’s choice of her shows that he has good decision-making abilities.

This election is about judgment and having a firm grasp of the issues. Its not an either/or proposition. You have to have both. Obama will be 44.

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Jill said...

Thanks for the nice subject title! I hope you are right re: Obama. Fingers crossed in the swingiest of swing states.