Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Importance of Being A Voter

I read this post at 538 the other day and this particular passage stayed with me. Sean Quinn wrote:

Back at the rally, after the march had left MLK Gardens, I'd gone back for the car while Brett took photos, and I spotted a very old black man in a sharp Sunday suit walking slowly at the very back of the huge march. He hadn't yet arrived at the voting center, and I decided to find him when I got back.

I wanted to go talk to him, to ask him what this moment meant to him. He was a guy who you take one glance at, and know, that guy's seen it all. I wanted a quote. I had my journalist hat on. I thought, this will be great.

So when I got back to the voting location with the car, I went to find him in the line. Eventually I spotted him, and was ready to walk up the few feet between us and introduce myself when I stopped in my tracks.

A young black boy, no more than eight years old, walked up to this man, who was at least eighty. The boy offered the man a sticker, probably an "I Voted" sticker, but I couldn't see. The man took the sticker and paused. Silently, he looked down at the boy, who was looking back up at the man. The man put his hand gently on the boy's head, and I saw his eyes glisten.

Things look good for Tuesday, but Barack Obama won't be President if YOU don't get out and vote for him. Saddle and get after it.

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sallreen said...

Voting as a rule is the people's way of voicing their opinion either through popular election or through demand. It is the voice of democracy and is the founding privilege of America. It is this reason that the Founding Fathers, those who penned and signed our Declaration of Independence.