Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stop Worrying About the Crowd Noise and Refs, Ctd

In a previous post I made this point:

By being elected he will effect change in a lot of lives. A lot of kids whether they be non-white or from single-parent households are going to see Barack Obama and--maybe, just maybe--believe they can grow up to be somebody.

That post remained in my thoughts for the days since and an additional point came to mind. The image of Barack Obama as President will have a lasting impression on kids--all of them. Those of us who vote for him are of a mind to agree which much of his politicial agenda. But I think the unspoken message to our children will be powerful and worthy of consideration. He won't end racism. But our children will live in a country where they can visibly see that we are changing.

Just as college freshmen today don't remember a world without the internet, my two first graders will not know a world where every President looked like there Dad. They will live in a country where it is no longer a forgone conclusion that the President is a White Man. My hope is that sometime in the near future (2016?) we elect a woman to that position. We will then have broken through the figurative glass ceiling so my two young daughters can believe they may some day too be the President because they've seen someone who looks like them as President.

Change is slow, and often not without pain, but when it comes after the long struggle we have been through in this great Nation, the victory will be that much the sweeter.

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