Sunday, October 12, 2008

ZOMG! The Hippies and Angry Negroes are Coming!

Shorter Glenn Reynolds: The DFH’s iz scary.

Does the Right really want to go there? Its not just Reynolds. The Usual Suspects are all on board with this notion that people calling Obama a "terrorist", "traitor", calling for his death at public gatherings and Governor Spice being booed at a hockey game are somehow equivalent. Jesus!

BTW shouldn’t The McCain campaign know better than to send Palin to a major sporting event? EVERY politician is going to hear some boos at a sporting event. Good grief just how stupid are these people?

But, alas, it really is scary to think we might have a President who will actually listen to ALL arguments before making a decision based on FACTS. Empiricism isn’t dead but the Right spent the last eight years making sure it didn’t get any life support.

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