Friday, November 21, 2008

Expat Blogging in Thailand

A couple of my favorite blogs are written by American expats living in Bangkok.

Corkscrew Balloon (occasionally NSFW so be careful when you click the link). Alf began his Online Journal in 1996 (the full archive is accessible from the front page) and his journal has developed into a continuous snapshot of his life. The early days were his travels all over the world but he has now settled into a routine of travel between his apartment in Bangkok and his Florida home. He has some great pictures of the meals they eat and his daily life.


2Bangkok is daily Thai news you won't find anywhere else. Since 1999, 2Bangkok has featured background and perspective on local news with summaries of the Thai-language press.

Highly recommended for anyone who has a fascination with all things Thai from the perspective of the Thai press. Take a look.

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