Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some A-words

Match these A-words with the definitions below. From Mrs. Byrnes Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous Words:

  1. Accubitum
  2. Aegrotat
  3. Autophagia
  4. Antibiosis
  5. Anagnorisis
  6. Amphigory
  7. Absinthism
  8. Amaxophobia
  9. Ambagious
  10. Allograph
  11. Allotriophagy
  12. Ansate

  1. Nonsensical writing
  2. Having a handle
  3. A nervous or mental illness resulting from over imbibing absinthe
  4. A fear of riding in a car
  5. Relationship between organisms, beneficial to one but harmful to the other
  6. Biting oneself; nourishment from body tissues
  7. Talking or doing things in an indirect manner; devious
  8. A student's written medical excuse
  9. The craving for weird food
  10. A signature made for someone else
  11. The denouement or unraveling of a dramatic plot
  12. A crescent-shaped couch for five people used by ancient Roman diners

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