Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Gap: A Tale of Fashion and Folly

Things have gotten better in Iraq? Sure, so long as you aren't a woman.

We have got a gap inside the Iraqi community. A gap between people of the same generation, I mean between those who fled the violence and traveled out of Iraq after 2003, and these who stayed in the country.

The people who left Iraq cannot imagine what happened, they only have the barest idea, and they have not seen and lived the Islamist style of life.

The current government won't be much help in holding back the forces of fundamentalism. The current group holds largely due to the support of Islamist factions like that controlled by Sistani. (And he's the moderate when compared to Sadr? This is NOT good news.) Let's see how the provincial elections go early next year.

(h/t Sullivan)

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