Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's the [bleeping] Money Stupid

Karen Tumulty asks "Who Should Pick Obama's Senate Successor?" In the comments of her post she pull out this gem for her update:

UPDATE: Commenter dbrddr informs us that Governor Blagojevich's seat is already on eBay:
In keeping with the spirit of politics in the State Of Illinois it has been decided by the General Assembly of this State to auction to the highest bidder; the position of Governor of Illinois. "This is a f***** valuable thing, we're not giving it away for f***** nothing." "This is f***** golden, if they won't pay for it, f**** em." As a good faith gesture the State of Illinois will also include Wrigley Field in this transaction, with certain stipulations, of course. Buyer must make payment to seller, in cash no later by December 31, 2008 (new law takes into effect). You must also promise to make Abraham Lincoln roll over in his grave.

I love the internets

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