Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teabagger Takedown

Matt Taibbi mocks the teabaggers:

In other words teabaggers don’t mind paying taxes to fund the salaries of Bolivian miners, Lou Gerstner’s stock options, deliveries of “sailboat fuel,” the Hermes scarves on Sandy Weill’s jet pillows, or even the export of their own goddamn jobs. But they do hate it when someone tries to re-asphalt their roads, or help bail their slob neighbor out of foreclosure. And God forbid someone propose a health care program, or increased financial aid for college. Hell, that’s like offering to share your turkey with the other Pilgrims! That’s not what America is all about! America is every Pilgrim for himself, dammit! Raise your own motherfucking turkey!

The GOP, or what's left of it, is gasping for breath and until they get some new leadership the morons like Glen Beck, along with his compatriots at Fox News, will gladly step in and fill the void.

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