Monday, June 22, 2009

The Douthat Speaks

Shorter Ross Douthat:

(via Balloon Juice)

This piece by NY Times columnist Ross Douthat should be bookmarked and saved for later reference when we've gone down the road a bit furhter. If anything this piece should be teleported back to early 2001 and written for Bush and the Gang. Jesus. If anyone seemed overly confident of their ability to govern it was the 2001 GOP. Talk about people who were absolutely certain about EVERYTHING ... rule of law ... conservatism ... permanent majority ... humble foreign policy ... then ... ... ... 9/11. It changed everything right? In my estimation it became the permanent excuse for conservative and GOP fail. With the GOP in full on neocon pearl clutching over Obama's response to the Iranian election, and Christianists whining about how they are oppressed, I think most liberals, Democrats--or whatever the latest tag is for those of us who are not one of right--are perfectly happy grabbing the steering wheel and driving for awhile.

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