Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iranian Election Blogging: UPDATE (Video Added), UPDATE II, UPDATE III, UPDATE IV

Supporters of the Iranian pro-reform presidential candidate Mir Houssein Mousawi are prortesting in the streets. Andrew Sullivan is doing a good job of updating or you can follow here and here. It's difficult to get accurate information but those are the three best sites I've found so far. Sullivan links to the two sites i gave you so his place may be the best place to follow the action, as it were. There is no way to know if these street protests will actually amount to much but right now its important to let the people of Iran know we are with them.

UPDATE (Video added)

UPDATEII: Laura Rozen's blog has some updated information and links to other blogs and reports.

UPDATE III: The New York Times blog The Lede a comprehensive set of links, videos, and sources for information. What a fantastic job they are doing!

UPDATE IV: Nico Pittney is liveblogging at HuffPo. This entry caught my eye.

6:12 PM ET -- "Deafening." From a reader: "My next door neighbor is an Iranian immigrant who came here in 1977. He just received a SAT phone call from his brother in Tehran who reports that the rooftops of nighttime Tehran are filled with people shouting 'Allah O Akbar' in protest of the government and election results. The last time he remembers this happening is in 1979 during the Revolution. Says the sound of tens of thousands on the rooftops is deafening right now." It's almost four in the morning in Iran.

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