Friday, June 26, 2009

Twitter Exchange With A Villager

Earlier today I had a Twitter exchange with ABC's Jake Tapper:

jaketapperRT @marcambinder I'm no magical thinker, but it began to hail in DC the moment the #ACES vote was over. Oh. Climate. What are you saying?
So of course I respond being a wise ass and missing the obvious (it was a retweet, for those of you not familiar with all internet traditions).

TheGrandP@jaketapper jesus! you do know the difference between climate and weather, right? #ACES

Yes. I jumped the gun and didn't take the one second it takes to re-read the tweet. My bad! Jake Tapper, big Media Guy responds:

jaketapper@TheGrandP that was a retweet, Mr. Mensa. you can tell by the "RT."

Whoa! Mr. Mensa? Did I personally attack him? Surely he may take offense at me asking if he knows the differene between climate and weather, but Mr. Mensa?

i think u can tell, my tolerance for rude tweets is waning.

Yes we can. And personal attacks always win arguments.

But ... but ... but ... poor little me! Why was Jake so mean to me? Boo fucking Hoo!

jaketapperdid i misunderstand your tweet that "jesus" i should learn the difference between weather and climate? that was polite?

No it wasn't polite. but it wasn't a personal attack Jake. I fucked up and replied before closely reading your tweet! So, of course, being the congenial and polite person my mother believes me to be, I responeded.
TheGrandP@jaketapper I can't reply to ur DM because u don't follow me.
... crickets ...

... crickets ...

... crickets ...

TheGrandP@jaketapper I can't reply to ur DM because u don't follow me.

... crickets ...

... crickets

Sorry Jake but I still hear ... crickets ...

But being the person my mother raised me to be I responded:

@jaketapper OK I will respond publicly. I missed the RT. But Mr Mensa? I don't remember any name calling in my original tweet.

He never tweeted back ...

UPDATE #1: Still no response ... 6/27/09. Oh well, that's life in the big city.

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