Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Health Care Is NOT A Market

The supply is there when you don’t need it, and somehow vanishes when you do. As a consumer you do not know what health care products you will need, or when, although you do, within your given set of circumstances know the more common illnesses or injuries you might need to be cared for. Nor do you know how much they are worth, except that in the extreme case they are worth everything because they may save your life.

The idea that you are behaving like a free agent in this market is a monumental fallacy. You don’t have the professional understanding nor the foresight to know what you are buying nor why you are buying it. When you are sick you don’t need a choice of health plans, you need professionals to take care of you and get you the care you need. Chances are you will have heard of the illness you or your child has, and you may well be familiar with the required treatment for it. But what happens in the not rare case when that is not so?

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