Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Three Friends

Who are the three people I would most like to get drunk with? Well two of them are dead but they are on my list anyway. I put Hunter S. Thompson and Molly Ivins on the list because loved reading their well written, often hilarious, and always insightful work. I wished they were still here. But the third on my list is Matt Taibbi who you may know from his work for Rolling Stone. He has a great piece in the latest issue about Goldman Sachs and their role in the current financial market meltdown. He also put up this response to some of the critics of the piece. It is pure gold Taibbi.

Why didn’t we write about Morgan? Because we didn’t. Because it’s your turn, you assholes. Maybe later someone will tell the story of the other banks, but for now, while most ordinary people are only just learning about the workings of the financial innovation era that blew up in their faces last year, the top dog in that universe is going to be first in line to get the special treatment. That might be inconvenient for Goldman, but it doesn’t make the things I or anyone else say about them untrue.

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Wag said...

Having spent time with HST when he was drunk and tripping, and had long and in depth conversations w/ him at the time, let me assure you that you would have wanted to have your wits about you if he were at all under the influence. sober was the ONLY way to be around HST when he was out there.

That said, I wish to hell that he were here to help us through this mess.

(Sorry about posting this comment on the wrong thread)