Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Remember, There Are No Bad Crews, Only Bad Leaders.

Governor Palin works on her National Security bona fides on her way out the door via her Twiiter account:
Part One:

I'm signing HJR12 Ground-Based Midcourse Defense System reso;AK's system the only operational sys defending against long range ballistics...
19 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Part Two:
this records concerns w/threat of NKorea attack & questions military cuts;we must be more than baffled by Fed's priorities; must take action
3 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Complete resolution text here. Money quote:
06 WHEREAS, in a time of growing national economic uncertainty, the Ground-based
07 Midcourse Defense System provides over 700 jobs in the state and has an economic effect of
08 nearly $250,000,000 in the state; and ...

Of course they would do it for free but know one asked.

I feel much better knowing that Governor Palin is keeping an eye on our National Defense from her vantage point very near the Russian border. Can you see North Korea from there?

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