Saturday, July 4, 2009

Well Now Its Time To Say Goodbye To Sara And All Her Kin

TPM’s David Kurtz:

Shorter Palin: Real Winners Quit

Governor Palin is too thin-skinned for national politics. She’s from a state with a population of approximately 690,000, and a majority of them are Republicans. She was always given the benefit of the doubt in that friendly territory. The national spotlight is not for the faint of heart which Palin quickly found out during the Presidential campaign. She just wasn't prepared for the onslaught from the media once the shock of her nomination wore off. It also became apparent early on she wasn't a policy wonk (and I'm being charitable) nor had she ever shown any intellectual curiosity about policy in anything more than a superficial way. With McCain's erratic behavior--the infamous "campaign suspension" and pacing around the stage during the second debate being the most memorable--and Palin's inability to get beyond simplistic talkingpoints exposing her lack of preparation for the White House, the McCain/Palin fortunes were thus consigned to the dustbin of history.

Now that she’s signed a book deal with a $2 million advance, and rumored to be worth close to $11 million, I suspect that the Wasilla Hillbillies will be yukking it up down by the Cement Pond this Independence Day.

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