Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beer Blogging

One of my favorite beers is Ommegang Abbey Ale. I discovered it about 4 years ago and have been drinking it regularly since. I love full bodied ales with plenty of malt. Here is what Beer Advocate has to say about it.

12 oz capped bottle. Big foaming action as soon as the crown was cracked. Higher levels of carbonation hold the lace together as the hazy maroon amber colour throws a bubble here and there. Alcohol soaked candied fruit, mild clove, hint of anise, caramel and mild citric peel in the aroma. Dry palate with a big crisp high level of carbonation, spicy on the tongue with clove, anise and hints of black pepper. Fruity with ripe tropical fruit, faint metallic earthy flavours bug the taste buds. Powdery yeast in the nearly bone dry finish makes me want to take another sip. Esters are there but not overwhelming. To tell the truth, I prefer this beer out of the corked 750 ml bottle. I think it is slightly more complex from the 12 oz capped bottle

The 750 ml bottle is the way to drink this beer. Make sure you have some time to savor this gem of a beer and enjoy it with a friend. You won't regret it.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds worth researching to see if I can get a bottle or two here.