Monday, August 3, 2009

Health Reform For Idiots

Paul Krugman explains in layman's terms what health reform is all about:

The essence is really quite simple: regulation of insurers, so that they can’t cherry-pick only the healthy, and subsidies, so that all Americans can afford insurance.

Everything else is about making that core work. Individual mandates are a way to prevent gaming of the system by people who don’t sign up until they’re sick; employer mandates a way to hold down the on-budget costs by preventing a rush by employers to drop insurance; the public option a way to create effective competition and hold costs down further.

But what it means for the individual will be that insurers can’t reject you, and if your income is relatively low, the government will help pay your premiums

If you do not now understand what reforms are being suggested please don't vote--ever again. Disagree with the reform, if you wish, that is your perogative. Vote for representatives who will vote against the reform. That's fine. You have a right to your point of view. But if you still don't understand what health reform is about you have insufficient curiiosity, are lazy, or just stupid, and really should leave voting to people who take the time to inform themselves of the most important issues and then vote accordingly. But, please, you have the time to understand what changes are being proposed. When a bill is ready inform yourself to see if it does, in fact, meet your criteria--then ask your Congresscritters to vote accordingly.

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