Thursday, April 24, 2008

The End is Nigh

For all the mouthbreathers so concerned about FL and MI go read this at the blog of an undeclared (but already decided) SD. Here’s the money quote:

The best solution to this is to seat the delegates and not give them a vote, or to split the vote allocations 50/50 for each candidate – in effect nullifying their votes.

When asked this question:

As a Democrat, should I be worried that this fight could go all the way to the convention, thus resulting in disaster for the Democratic Party in November. Or, should I simply be patient, as this will work itself out?

Thanks. I know that is a difficult question to answer.

This was the response:

I don’t think it’s a difficult question to answer. It will be resolved in June.

I highly recommend stopping by to read this blog. Quite an interesting take. Several media outlets have verified the individuals indentity and agreed to keep the SD’s name confidential.

Additional indicators that the Democratic Party leadership is moving in that direction appeared on the pages of CQ Politics.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday he plans to turn up the heat on undecided Democratic superdelegates if the party’s presidential nominating contest is not resolved after the last primaries June 3.


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