Monday, June 2, 2008

It's the Country, Stupid

I am quite pleased that we won't have to deal with the Clintons on the national scene much longer. This Vanity Fair piece would an ominous foreshadowing of what the Democrats would be in for if HRC had won the nomination.

To know Clinton is, sooner or later, to be exasperated by his indiscipline and disappointed by his shortcomings. But through it all, it has been easy enough to retain an enduring admiration—even affection—for a president whose sins against decorum and the dignity of his office seemed venial in contrast to the systemic indifference, incompetence, corruption, and constitutional predations of his successor’s administration. That is, easy enough until now.
When it comes to the Clintons I can honestly say "been there, done that." I have little desire to re-fight the 90's. We have a lot of fixin' to do in this country after 8 years of those fucking war criminals in the White House and the last thing we need is worrying about who Bill is banging this week. I don't care if he is or is not a loyal husband. I do not care. Unfortunately, the sexually repressed, Cheeto-breath right and the MSM are obsessed with Bill's pecker.

Lets get on with bringing home our boys and girls from Iraq so we can send them off to college, or get them the care they need. Lets get on with restoring the 4th amendment and telecom immunity. Lets get on restoring the DOJ's reputation and ... on and on. Its about the country, stupid.

I have no doubt the Right will have its issues with a President Obama but he won't be giving them ammunition. He's got a lot of self-discipline and does not appear to have the narcissistic tendencies that doomed Clinton. We actually have a chance to get some important shit done.

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