Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Floats Like a Butterfly. (EDITED: For Grammar and Spelling)

Through the primary season I followed Al Giordano's very fine blog The Field. He has proven himself time and time again to be a voice of reason and calm in what has proven to be a somewhat tumultuous campaign season. This bit from Giordano is spot on in its clear eyed calmness.

And that's why so many previous media-generated crises and outrages-of-the-day over the past seven months, especially - two Clintons, two reverends, some gaffes that were gaffes because they were errant, other that were called gaffes because they were not - so many millions of words on blogs and in the media that portrayed every moment as if history would be decided by that one loud distraction - floated back out to sea and aren't even remembered in much detail today.

Obama is who he is and always has been. He is NOT a savior. A very fine politician and running a remarkable campaign on his own terms, Barack Obama and his campaign boss David Axelrod have proven themselves a formidable team. Ask Hillary Clinton. I suspect come the evening of November 4th John McCain will have also understood this lesson as well.

Early on, Obama was chastised by many Democrats (mostly Clinton supporters) for being to soft.
He can't take a punch!

Obambi isn't tough enough to handle the rigors of a Presidential campaign!

Heh. Who's headed to the convention as the presumptive nominee? The skinny Black guy with a funny sounding name. Barack Obama maneuvers politically in very much the same way the The Greatest moved around the boxing ring. It may be a very long time before we see another Democrat with these political skills.

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