Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Official

We received word last night that our fortified compound out here in the High Desert of New Mexico has been purchased at our asking price! The counter offer was accepted and the signed papers are at my agents office. We are now in move out mode and have set in motion our plan to be out by August 10. As I said yesterday we will be on the road about August 18 and headed to Vermont.

Between now and then we have quite a few tasks to accomplish, so not unlike the past month I may not post as much. But I will try to put up some personal photos and video as we plod through this tedious part of our great adventure. One can often find solace and joy in the mundane.

With the election coming this Fall the temptation arose to stay here in New Mexico (a swing state) until after the vote. Vermont will most certainly go for Obama, so our vote would probably have more impact if we stayed here in New Mexico and voted for him. But our life marches on and it is necessary to move on before then.

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