Monday, August 4, 2008

Better Democrats Please

While Democrats revel in shadenfreude after the announcement that the DOJ has indicted Uncle Ted, lets not forget we have some House Cleaning of our own to do. Obviously, Bill Jefferson of Louisiana needs to go and several other Democrats require closer scrutiny.

I thinks its also important to remember that Alcee Hastings (D-FL23) was impeached and removed as a Federal Judge in 1988. Its an embarrassment and cuts into the argument that the Democrats are the party of integrity and good governance. Please, Florida 23rd district! Do your duty and support his opponent in the upcoming August 26th Congressional primary. I don't know much about Ray Torres Sanchez but he appears to be honest and good on many issues. Isn't it time we finally clean our own house?

Alcee Hastings, and the Democrats included on the CREW list at Beyond Delay are an embarrassment to the party and should be voted out.

Are we serious about draining the fetid swamp in Washington? A good start is to vote out the rat-bastard criminals still infesting our party ranks.

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