Sunday, September 7, 2008

The End Times Are Near

With Palin's foreign policy views now coming into focus this Chicago Tribune piece is all the more disturbing.

Rev. Tim McGraw, Palin's pastor when she became mayor of Wasilla, said believers look to Israel for signs of the coming end times and where they are in God's plan. That would undoubtedly influence Palin's approach to foreign policy, McGraw said."I believe Sarah would not live in a fragmented world," he said. "The idea that Sarah would take this huge influence of the worldview that really only the Bible and the relationship with Jesus opens up ... and suddenly marginalize it and put it over on the shelf somewhere and live apart from it—that would be entirely inconsistent."

Great, another one. Absolutely no world view. Nice. I do think she does knows the names and capitals of foreigh countries. Oh, and she did stopover in Ireland once.

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