Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Invisible Man

Frank Rich once again guides us through the web of deceit know as the GOP. I found this little gem telling (my emphasis added):

As is nakedly evident, the speech’s central argument, that the 72-year-old McCain will magically morph into a powerful change agent as president, is a non sequitur. In his 26 years in Washington, most of it with a Republican in the White House and roughly half of it with Republicans in charge of Congress, he was better at lecturing his party about reform than leading a reform movement. G.O.P. corruption and governmental dysfunction only grew. So did his cynical flip-flops on the most destructive policies of the president who remained nameless Thursday night. (In the G.O.P., Bush love is now the second most popular love that dare not speak its name.)

John McCain IS NOT an agent of change. Governor Palin IS NOT an agent of change. They are deeply steeped in the worst traditions of the GOP. Throwing your money away and making you feel good about! Got that? They throw your money away and make you feel good about because you don't have to pay for it today. Don't fall for it again.

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