Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shaving the Rump Smooth

DougJ posting at Ballon Juice offers up this latest from our friends in the GOP:

Graham is right. This push toward some sort of conservative orthodoxy required of all who wish to remain in the party will not win elections anywhere but the the Deep South and Idaho. The "purer" the GOP becomes the more likely it is for a right leaning but more centrist party to actually take root. The GOP has until 2012 to get its shit together. Unless they start making for serious ground by then look for a third party to rise.

These guys lost Indiana to the Democrats. Indiana. When a bona fide conservative like Jim Huntsman (who just happens to have moderate 21st century views on a couple a social issue and isn't a rabid climate change denier) resigns from a job that could have been a platform for launching a 2012 Presidential campaign you know the rump has been shaved pretty damned smooth.

Al Giordane:

Some said Obama was crazy, back in 2007 and 2008, to reach out to what conventional wisdom thought was an impenetrable GOP base... Crazy, like a fox.

And that's about right. Obama, the consummate politician is way ahead of his opponents. They still haven't figured him out and they are quickly losing ground. Now that doesn't mean he is a shoo in for 2012 but the opposition grows weaker everyday.

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