Friday, September 11, 2009

A Thousand Years of Serfitude

Some weapons grade Glenzilla today as he savages the frequent false equivalences that offer "balance" in much of modern political reporting.

Needless to say, no establishment media outlet is permitted to write an article that includes criticisms of "one side" without emphasizing that the criticisms apply just the same to "the other side" -- regardless of whether that's actually true. That's what "balance" means. Thus, Politico publishes an article discussing the fact that the Right is dominated by crackpots and it is therefore required to claim that the Left is, too.

When reading establishment media you do have to wade through quite a cesspool to find anything that resembles writing for people here on planet Earth. It doesn't bother me when a factual error is made from time to time, but when these false equivalencies, like the one Greenwald links to in this Politco piece, are the coin of the realm it becomes a maddening prospect to think of, once again, getting the Wellies on to wade into the muck. Generally, the Villagers don't much like responding to criticism of their hackish brand of journalistic masturbation.

With that said, Ron Brownstein has a pretty good piece up over at Atlantic Monthly on Bush's epic fail on all matters economic. The article is based on recently released Census Bureau data that is nothing short of damning.
But at the least, the wretched two-term record compiled by the younger Bush on income, poverty and access to health care should compel Republicans to answer a straightforward question: if tax cuts are truly the best means to stimulate broadly shared prosperity, why did the Bush years yield such disastrous results for American families on these core measures of economic well being?
And that my friends is The Question every last one of these people on the GOP side of the Congress should answer. No obfuscation. No spin. Why have these policies so miserably failed? We have the data. Now we want some answers, no?

Anyone for some more townhall meetings? We could arm ourselves with facts rather than half-truths and lies unlike the teabaggers and their corporate sponsors then present ourselves in a respectful, but forceful manner, at all GOP campaign events from now until the first Tuesday in Novemeber 2010. It doesn't matter who the GOP nominates to run for any of our Congressinal seats. They must answer these questions.

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